How To Comfort An Angry Child At A Funeral

Death can bring on a vast variety of emotions, and most people experience all possible emotions throughout the grieving process. It's hard enough for grown-ups who have had many years to develop coping skills and who may have experienced past losses. However, for children, it can seem like the end of the world, and they may be confused, afraid, and angry all at once. If you notice that a child in your life is angry at a funeral, you may feel helpless, but there are small things you can try that may be a big comfort to a sad and angry little one.

All Dressed Up (With Somewhere To Go): 2017 Wedding Dress Trends You Should Know About

As the wintertime holidays get closer and closer on your desk calendar, so too does the possibility of a 2017 wedding. Already, major fashion designers from Justin Alexander to Madison James to Vera Wang are releasing their wedding dress designs for the coming year – and the results are beautiful, elegant, and eye-catching. So if you're dreaming of a wedding this coming year – or if you're engaged and trying to come up with a dress to fit your date – then here are a few runway predictions of what the trends in 2017 bridal wear will be.

Two Types Of Funerals And How To Plan Them With Low Environmental Impact In Mind

Whether you're worried about the next generation running out of non-renewable resources or you just feel a responsibility to be a good steward of the resources available today, having a low-impact funeral is one way you can leave a better Earth for your children. This can apply whether you have a traditional in-ground burial, a cremation, or opt for the even more cutting-edge "liquid cremation," aka alkaline hydrolysis. Here are some tips on planning the most eco-friendly funeral, whether you're looking into an in-ground burial or a more budget-friendly cremation.

How to Put an Older Child up for Adoption

When most people think about adoption, they think of a mother giving up a baby. They don't often think about putting an older child up for adoption. You might have a child that you are unable to care for in the way that you would like to and might be considering the process, but don't know how to do it for an older child. If you are going through this difficult process, here are some tips that could make it smoother.